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Kampaktsis PN, Albert BJ, Kim J, Xie LX, Brouwer LR, Tehrani NH, Villanueva M, Choi DY, Szulc M, Ratcliffe MB, Levine RA, Devereux RB, Weinsaft JW
Impact of Mitral Regurgitation Severity and Cause on Effort Tolerance-Integrated Stress Myocardial Perfusion Imaging and Echocardiographic Assessment of Patients With Known or Suspected Coronary Artery Disease Undergoing Exercise Treadmill Testing.
Journal of the American Heart Association, Mar-05-2019;8(5):e010974.
Kim J, Alakbarli J, Palumbo MC, Xie LX, Rong LQ, Tehrani NH, Brouwer LR, Devereux RB, Wong SC, Bergman GW, Khalique OK, Levine RA, Ratcliffe MB, Weinsaft JW
Left ventricular geometry predicts optimal response to percutaneous mitral repair via MitraClip: Integrated assessment by two- and three-dimensional echocardiography.
Catheterization and cardiovascular interventions : official journal of the Society for Cardiac Angiography & Interventions, Feb-21-2019;[Epub ahead of print].
Xuan Y, Dvir D, Wang Z, Mizoguchi T, Ye J, Guccione JM, Ge L, Tseng EE
Stent and leaflet stresses in 26-mm, third-generation, balloon-expandable transcatheter aortic valve.
The Journal of thoracic and cardiovascular surgery, Feb-2019;157(2):528-536.
Zenati MA, Bhatt DL, Bakaeen FG, Stock EM, Biswas K, Gaziano JM, Kelly RF, Tseng EE, Bitondo J, Quin JA, Almassi GH, Haime M, Hattler B, DeMatt E, Scrymgeour A, Huang GD, Huang GD
Randomized Trial of Endoscopic or Open Vein-Graft Harvesting for Coronary-Artery Bypass.
The New England journal of medicine, 01-10-2019;380(2):132-141.
Kim J, Alakbarli J, Yum B, Tehrani NH, Pollie MP, Abouzeid C, Di Franco A, Ratcliffe MB, Poppas A, Levine RA, Devereux RB, Weinsaft JW
Tissue-based markers of right ventricular dysfunction in ischemic mitral regurgitation assessed via stress cardiac magnetic resonance and three-dimensional echocardiography.
The international journal of cardiovascular imaging, Nov-20-2018;[Epub ahead of print].
Morgan AE, Zhang Y, Tartibi M, Goldburg S, Kim JJ, Nguyen TD, Guccione J, Ge L, Weinsaft JW, Ratcliffe MB
Ischemic Mitral Regurgitation: Abnormal Strain Overestimates Nonviable Myocardium.
The Annals of thoracic surgery, Jun-2018;105(6):1754-1761.
Spaulding K, Takaba K, Collins A, Faraji F, Wang G, Aguayo E, Ge L, Saloner D, Wallace AW, Baker AJ, Lovett DH, Ratcliffe MB
Short term doxycycline treatment induces sustained improvement in myocardial infarction border zone contractility.
PloS one, 2018;[epublish]13(2):e0192720.
Yang J, Zimmet JM, Ponna VM, Ma F, Wozniak CJ, Ge L, Shunk KA, Tseng EE
Evolution of Veterans Affairs Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement Program: The First 100 Patients.
The Journal of heart valve disease, Jan-2018;27(1):24-31.
Kim J, Rodriguez-Diego S, Srinivasan A, Brown RM, Pollie MP, Di Franco A, Goldburg SR, Siden JY, Ratcliffe MB, Levine RA, Devereux RB, Weinsaft JW
Echocardiography-quantified myocardial strain-a marker of global and regional infarct size that stratifies likelihood of left ventricular thrombus.
Echocardiography (Mount Kisco, N.Y.), Nov-2017;34(11):1623-1632.
Xuan Y, Krishnan K, Ye J, Dvir D, Guccione JM, Ge L, Tseng EE
Stent and Leaflet Stresses in 29-mm Second-Generation Balloon-Expandable Transcatheter Aortic Valve.
The Annals of thoracic surgery, Sep-2017;104(3):773-781.
Xuan Y, Krishnan K, Ye J, Dvir D, Guccione JM, Ge L, Tseng EE
Stent and leaflet stresses in a 26-mm first-generation balloon-expandable transcatheter aortic valve.
The Journal of thoracic and cardiovascular surgery, May-2017;153(5):1065-1073.
Mookhoek A, Krishnan K, Chitsaz S, Kuang H, Ge L, Schoof PH, Bogers AJJC, Takkenberg JJM, Tseng EE
Biomechanics of Failed Pulmonary Autografts Compared to Native Aortic Roots.
The Annals of thoracic surgery, May-2017;103(5):1482-1488.
Kallianos K, Henry TS, Yeghiazarians Y, Zimmet J, Shunk KA, Tseng EE, Mahadevan V, Hope MD
Ferumoxytol MRA for transcatheter aortic valve replacement planning with renal insufficiency.
International journal of cardiology, Mar-15-2017;231:255-257.
Pantoja JL, Morgan AE, Grossi EA, Jensen MO, Weinsaft JW, Levine RA, Ge L, Ratcliffe MB
Undersized Mitral Annuloplasty Increases Strain in the Proximal Lateral Left Ventricular Wall.
The Annals of thoracic surgery, Mar-2017;103(3):820-827.
Di Franco A, Kim J, Rodriguez-Diego S, Khalique O, Siden JY, Goldburg SR, Mehta NK, Srinivasan A, Ratcliffe MB, Levine RA, Crea F, Devereux RB, Weinsaft JW
Multiplanar strain quantification for assessment of right ventricular dysfunction and non-ischemic fibrosis among patients with ischemic mitral regurgitation.
PloS one, 2017;[epublish]12(9):e0185657.
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