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Andrew Wisneski, M.D.

Andrew Wisneski, M.D.

  • Clinical Fellow (PGY-6)
  • Thoracic Surgery

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Andrew D. Wisneski, M.D. is a Thoracic Surgery Fellow with the UCSF Department of Surgery. He completed his undergraduate studies at Johns Hopkins University majoring in Biomedical Engineering, followed by medical school at UCSF where he was elected to the Alpha Omega Alpha honor medical society. He completed his General Surgery residency training at UCSF in 2022. 

Dr. Wisneski has been involved with the UCSF Cardiac Biomechanics Laboratory since 2011, contributing to projects employing advanced computational methods to investigate cardiovascular disease. In his resident research years, he continued his work with this group under the direction of Dr. Elaine E Tseng, investigating aortic aneurysm biomechanics and dissection risk prediction.

Dr. Wisneski has received the American Heart Association Post-doctoral fellowship, The Marfan Foundation Victor A. McKusick Post-doctoral fellowship, and the Dr. Linda Reilly and the Orange County Community Foundation Fellowship for Vascular Disease Research to support his work. He has presented his work at major cardiovascular disease and surgery conferences since medical school, including the American Heart Association Scientific Sessions, American College of Surgeons' Owen Wangensteen Surgical Forum, Society for Heart Valve Disease, the American College of Cardiology, Digestive Disease Week, and the American Association for Thoracic Surgeons.

Dr. Wisneski has received numerous awards including the UCSF Dean's Prize for Outstanding Medical Student Research (2012), American Heart Association Top 10 Abstract travel steepen 2016, American Association for Thoracic Surgery Member for a Day Program 2018, and winner of the American Association for Thoracic Surgeons Resident Poster Competition 2018, and the International Society of Minimally Invasive Cardiothoracic Surgery's Chitwood Travel Award, 2018.

  • General Surgery Internship, University of California San Francisco Medical Center, San Francisco, C.A., 2015-2016.
  • General Surgery Residency, University of California San Francisco Medical Center, San Francisco, C.A., 2016-2022
  • Advanced computational methods to investigate cardiovascular disease
  • Aortic aneurysm biomechanics and dissection risk prediction
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